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Since 1910 the name ”Ludwig Schneider“ has been synonymous with the highest quality and precision ”Made in Germany“. Everything started back then with the development of high-quality temperature measuring instruments. Today we are one of the leading global manufacturers of high-precision measuring technology for temperature and density. Together with one of the most extensive ranges of products and our modern accredited calibration laboratory we offer our customers an all-round service that is almost unique in the industry.

Thermometers and hydrometers from Ludwig Schneider GmbH & Co. KG are used all over the world and numerous companies rely on the high precision of our instruments. In order to keep on fulfilling this demand in the future we cooperate closely with our customers and suppliers. This results in innovative solutions that convince both technically and economically – today and tomorrow.



Benjamin Schneider began developing thermometers as early as 1910. Given his manual skills and his wealth of ideas, he developed high quality instruments for leading industrial companies and scientific establishments right from the start. His first-rate products substantiated his excellent reputation in industry and research. Ever since, the number of customers who put their faith in the high precision of Schneider has been steadily growing.

In 1954, production was relocated to Wertheim. With this move, the cornerstone for modern production plants and further dynamic growth of the company was laid. Even now, precise measurement of temperature and density is one of the most important tasks of measurement technology - not least for environmental protection and energy provision, which have gained growing significance over the last few decades.

Then, as now, the common goal is to produce highly precise instruments for measuring temperature and density. A task to which the fourth generation has dedicated itself every bit as much as their predecessors did.




Ludwig Schneider GmbH & Co. KG traditionally attaches great importance on quality. Each employee and process aim at assuring highest quality. Our quality management system secures processes in the company and therefore provides quality "Made in Germany" to all business partners of Ludwig Schneider. Almost all products are available with works calibration certificate or DAkkS calibration certificate.

We have been certified as an authorized economic operator for customs simplifications, security and safety (AEO-F) since November 2013. Which means that we enjoy special privileges within the framework of customs clearance.



AEO-F - authorised
economic operators DE AEOF 118730


Shaping our common sustainable future

As one of the leading manufacturers of instruments and systems for the high-precision measurement of temperature and density we feel particularly committed to the topic of sustainability. We assume responsibility for our future and that of the generations to come.

In the context of our sustainability management we have therefore taken some measures and introduced a guideline that serve as guiding principles for the implementation of sustainable practices for both our business partners and us.

Usage of environmentally friendly or recycled materials for packaging

As filling material for our dispatch packaging we use solely biodegradable expanded polystyrene (EPS) which as already been recycled 100 %. The filling material can be reused and recycled repeatedly. As soon as the product comes into contact with microorganisms contained in water, soil or waste, it biodegrades without leaving harmful residues.

To ensure that our glass thermometers reach our customers in an undamaged state we use robust cases made of 100 % recycled plastic. These can also be reused and their size can be modified. Which extends their possible range of usages extensively.

Avoiding plastics in the everyday office environment

We have, for example replaced our previous plastic delivery note pockets by one made of recycled paper.

Reducing paper consumption

Already in 2016 we introduced a digital document management system which reduced our paper consumption by 90 %. However, reduced paper consumption not only protects our local tree populations. Manufacturing a single sheet of paper furthermore requires an average of 10 liters of water. In addition, the production of a ton of paper requires just as much energy as the production of a ton of steel.

Manufacturing of glass thermometers

Our thermometers consist for the most part of sustainable glass. This material is produced solely from natural raw materials that occur in sufficient quantities in nature and can be extracted for the greater part in Germany. Glass can furthermore be recycled 100 % and can be reused endlessly without any loss in quality.

The future is mercury-free

However, we not only want to improve already existing products, we also promote important developments. As one of the first thermometer manufacturers we therefore offer our ASTM and precision thermometers with a mercury-free filling as well. Not only are we reacting to EU regulations on the use of mercury in measuring instruments, we also make a key contribution towards protecting the environment.

The future in our hands

In the future we strive to extend our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability in small and large matters and thus do our bit towards shaping a common sustainable future.


AMA – Association for Sensors and Measurement

DIN working group

ASTM Sub Committiee E20.05