Double-function engine glass thermometers with PT 100

Double-function engine glass thermometers are manufactured as special engine thermometers with additionally integrated Pt100. This allows you to read the current temperature at the engine glass thermometer and to use the temperature measured with the Pt100 for remote visualization or measurement processing.

Our double-function engine glass thermometer is available with one or two Pt100 units. The connection is affected with a 3-wire circuit when using a Pt100. If a thermometer with two Pt100 units is used they are operated in 2-wire circuit.

We would also be happy to optionally deliver the thermometer with an integrated 4 … 20mA interface to reduce interference at a long connection cable. In this case the 4 … 20mA interface is installed with an additional connection head.

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Measuring range -30 °C … +50 °C to 0 °C … +200 °C
Body material Alumi­nium
Tolerance class B
Housing size 110 x 36 mm

150 x 36 mm

Forms Straight type

90° angle

Immersion tube Ø 10 mm with G ½ – connection thread
Installation length 63 mm

100 mm

160 mm

Scale lettering black

(red scale lettering is also available, e.g. for an additional sale in degrees Fahrenheit)

Capillary White back prismatic

Blue filling

Connection Plug and socket acc. to DIN EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650)
Colour Brass-coloured, anodised


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