Engine glass thermometers

Engine glass thermometers

Engine glass thermometers are liquid-filled thermometers. They offer particularly easy installation double-functioned with good and reliable readability. Thanks to their wear resistance, our high-quality engine glass thermometers have an extremely high service life and are low in maintenance. If necessary, the individual components can be replaced easily. This way it is for example possible to hot-swap the indicator capillary.

Engine glass thermometers from Ludwig Schneider have truly proven their worth in deployments in diesel engines, turbines, power plants and compressors. They are used in various applications in shipbuilding, in cooling and heating technology, the chemical and petrochemical industry, the energy industry as well as in general engineering and apparatus engineering. Thanks to the high efficiency and profitability of the instruments they are highly valued by our customers.

We gladly supply a works calibration certificate or a traceable DAkkS calibration certificate upon request.



Measuring range

-60 +40 °C to 0 +400 °C

Body material



Housing size

110 x 36 mm

150 x 36 mm

200 x 36 mm


Straight type

135° angle

90° angle

Threaded version

Form A (Ø 17 mm and 28 mm)

Form B

Form C

Threaded connector

(external thread form B)

G 1

G 1/2

G 3/4

G 3/8

M 27 x 2

M 20 x 1,5

1/2" NPT

3/4" NPT

Union nut

(internal thread form C)


G 1/2

G 3/4

M 20 x 1,5 


Brass-coloured anodised


Additional thermowells:

To screw in (welded or full material)

To weld-in