Ludwig Schneider as an employer

It is with pride that we look back on more than 100 years of experience in measuring technology. A long history of success – that would not have been possible without our employees. We know exactly: Highly educated and motivated employees are an important factor for the success of our company.

From the development to the production, from customer consulting to order processing, from calibration management to the design of testing equipment – our employees perform outstanding precision work in every single field. Hand in Hand we fulfil the highest quality standards and attain what is of greatest importance for us: The satcisfaction of our customers.

How do we do it? By providing our team with the best possible working conditions. The foremost point is an open and appreciative working climate that is characterized by fairness and collegiality. Each and every one makes an important contribution to our success and each and every one is equally valued and appreciated. We furthermore strive to ensure that every employee – no matter in which area they work – can fully develop and bring in their potential.

Our employees take pleasure in having a secure and future-oriented job, where flexible working models make work, family and recreation compatible. For a good work-life balance is an important factor in remaining healthy and fit. Performance-based remuneration with attractive social benefits such as company-based employer-funded health insurance and old-age provision ensure a care-free future which we wish every single one of our employees.

Sounds good? Together we are going to continue the success story of Ludwig Schneider!


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